Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro vs. MD802 vs. AL629 vs. CRP129 vs. MX808

Here lists all table comparisons of Autel Maxidiag MD808 Pro and similar competitive diagnostic scan tools, including, MD802, Autolink, CRP129 and MX808 etc.

Comparison Table 1:
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro full vs. Maxidiag MD802 Elite Full vs. MD808 four system vs. MD802 four system
What the advantages of MD808 Pro compare with MD808 basic and MD802?

1.MD808 PRO support all system of car, the md808 only support 4 system , and MD808 PRO is upgrade version of MD808 and MD802 , coverage more car and more systems.
2.MD808 PRO support Steering Angel Learning , DPF functions , and Battery Registration and reset .
The MD808 4 system and MD802 don’t have these functions.
3. Autel MD808 pro is not just a diagnostic tool, but a professional service tool to service individual specialized systems, including Oil Reset, EPB, SAS, BMS and DPF, offers quick and easy solution to everyday task in the workshop;
Based on the ARM Thumb Processor (400 MHz), it needs only 6s booting time to allow you to build a more fluid user experience.
4. For MD808 PRO, Live data graphing for all available modules.
5. Brand New Design: Autel MD808 pro, a revelation in diagnostic and service tool is launched with brand–new exterior in terms of design, structure and buttons;
6. Efficient Diagnosis: MD808 PRO Offer more advanced features and functions to troubleshoot basic four systems (Engine, Transmission, SRS and ABS) for major vehicles on the road today;
7. Powerful Hardware: MD808 PRO Included with 16G Micro SD Card, full color 800*480 display to take your diagnostic experience to a whole new level.

Comparison Table 2:
Autel MaxiDiag MD808 Pro vs. Launch CRP129
Comparison Table 3:

MD808 Pro vs. Autolink 609P vs. Autolink AL629
Comparison Table 4:
Autel Maxidiag MD808 vs. MaxiCheck MX808

Autel MD808 Pro


Autel MaxiCheck MX808


Diagnostic  Features
Auto VIN detection

(VIN displayed when manufacturer specific codes

Are read)

Complete Systems Diagnosis YES
Advanced Service Functions YES
Basic OBDII Read Codes ,Display & Graph Live data YES YES
Read & Clear Codes for All Electronic Systems YES YES
Support All 10 Test Modes- Latest J1979 OBDII Test Specs YES YES
Enhanced OBDII Mode 6 YES YES
Reset Service Mileage & Service Intervals YES YES
Forced Regeneration & Adjusting injectors YES YES
Support battery registration and reset YES YES
Read power system specific codes for 3 US manufactures YES YES
ABS (Read codes and clear codes) YES YES
SRS (Read codes and clear codes) YES YES
Engine (Read codes and clear codes) YES YES
Transmission (Read codes and clear codes) YES YES
EPB- Brake pads service mode YES YES
SAS- Steering angle sensor relearn YES YES
Exhaust Gas After-treatment DPF YES YES
Throttle calibration YES
Injector programming YES
ABS brake bleed YES
Key programming/anti-theft system YES
Live data storage & replay YES
Special vehicle component testing system YES
Communicate TPMS system YES
TPMS settings reset YES
Historical test records YES YES
Print vehicle diagnostic data via PC YES YES
Hardware Features
Android O/S 4.4.4
Built-in battery YES 3200mAh-4.5 hour
Color screen 840 x840 TFT 7″ LCD Touchscreen
Processor 1.5G Quad Core
Internet updateable USB/SD Card WIFI
Software update FREE 1 YEAR FREE
Limited one year warranty YES YES
Tech support- Remote log in assistance YES
Internal Storage 32GB SSD
SD Memory card 16GB SD Card Up to 32GB SD Card
USB Connection Mini USB 2.0 USB 2.0/Mini USB 2.0
Multilingual support YES YES
Price US$289 US$459

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