JMD Handy baby VAG ID48 96 Bit Copy Authorization & Tokens


I purchased the jmd assistant with the handy baby key cloner.

after some playing about with the cloner/software i did manage to get the point of collecting data through the handy baby

went to car followed on screen instructions (sniff data to handy baby)

sent info to pc software but then i get a purchase tokens screen ?
i thought id read somewhere that if you have the jmd assistant then no tokens are needed? am i doing something wrong ?

so my questions are
are id48’s only clonable on line with the pc software and with the purchase of tokens?
if so where do i purchase the tokens from ?

the jmd assistant is just for vw’s ?
collecting data from the car? then go through the pc sotware with tokens etc ????

i can’t seem to get my head around the cloning of 48’s at the min ?




If you have JMD assistant only the registration is free but if you want copy id48 96bit then need token for example from here:


Handy baby supports 96Bit ID48 Chip Copy, if you do not have JMD Assistant OBD Adapter, you need to buy token to do this function.
If you have bought Handy Baby Plus JMD Assistant OBD Adapter, then you can update it free to get this function.

After you buy 96Bit ID48 Chip Copy Function Authorization Service,you will need the tokens to do this function,so here it is! 20.0USD is for only one token,one token for one time

GOLF7 and other new cars after 2016 using  id48 96bit .

JMD assistant stand alone allows you to clone 40 and 80 bit id 48 keys , the online server and tokens are for models using 96 bit id48.

vw assistant doesn’t need online for its coverage list , its coverage list will be on the sheet of paper in the vw assistant box , these you can do with just the handy baby and vw assistant .

VW assistant Coverage for cloning with handy baby 
Brand Model system years
Skoda Octavia CDC32+24c32 2007-2009
Skoda fabia scout CDC32+24c32 2007 to 2009
Skoda Octavia NEC+24c32/64 2009-2015
Skoda fabia scout NEC+24c32/64 2009-2015
Skoda superb NEC+24c32/64 2009-2015
Skoda rapid NEC35xx 2014
VW bora NEC+24c32/64 2009-2015
VW bora NEC+95320 2013
VW bora NEC35xx 2014
VW caddy NEC+24c32/64 2009-2015
VW EOS NEC+24c32/64 2009 on
VW Golf mk6 MC9S12-im80f 2009-2014
VW Golf mk6 NEC24c32/64 2011-2014
VW Golf mk6 NEC+9s320 2009 on
VW jetta NEC+24c32 2010-2015
VW jetta NEC+9s320 2013
VW jetta nec3sxx 2014-2015
VW Lavida 1.8T NEC+24c32/64 2011-2015
VW Lavida NEC3sxx 2014-2015
VW Polo NEC+24c32 2009-2015
VW Polo NEC+9s320 2013-2015
VW polo NEC3sxx 2014-2015
VW Passat NEC+24c32/64 2011-2015
VW R36 NEC+24c32/64 2010 on
VW sagitar CDC+24c32 2007-2010
VW sagitar NEC+24c32/64 2010-2014
VW Tiguan MM9s12 1m80f
VW Tiguan NEC+24c32/64 to 2012
VW Tiguan NEC+9s320 2009-2014
VW Touran CDC+24c32 2009-2014
VW Touran NEC+24c32/64 2011-2015
VW Santana NEC3sxx 2013-2015
VW gran lavida nec3sxx 2014-2015
Audi A1 up to 2013
Audi A3 up to 2013
Audi TT up to 2014
Audi Q3 up to 2013
Audi A6 2006-2012
Audi A4L 2009-2014
Audi Q5 2009-2014
Audi A5 2009-2014
Audi A6L 2012-2015 smart
Audi A7 2012-2015 smart
Audi A8 2012-2015 smart
Seat Ibiza NEC+24c32/64 2009 on
Seat leon NEC+24c32/64 2009 on

Models that can be covered all keys lost
VW Bora NEC+9s320 2013
VW Golf Mk6 MC9s12-1m80f 2009-2014
VW golf mk6 NEC+9s320 2009 on
VW jetta NEC+9s320 2013
VW Polo NEC+9s320 2013-2015
VW Tiguan magneti dash
VW Tiguan NEC+9s320 2009-2014

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