How to use MPPS V18 to read Vauxhall Astra A17DTJ engine ECU

MPPS V18 review for sharing:
Tested result: MPPS V18 clone read ECU flash file for 2012 Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI A17DTJ ISUZU Denso Engine OK! How-to steps and pictures you can check as below:
MPPS V18.12.3.8 read Vauxhall Astra A17DTJ engine ECU steps
Turn on car ignition.
Connect MPPS V18 with Vauxhall Astra engine ECU and open MPPS V18 software.
Select Maker: Vauxhall
Select Model: Astra
And select ECU: 1.7 16V CDTI 110hp 2010 Denso MFDX CAN (The ECU is actually 2010)
Click the “ECU ID (F1)” button and MPPS V18 identify the ECU data as below:
Then click the “Read (F2)” button and MPPS V18 start to read Vauxhall Astra A17DTJ.
Wait the ECU reading process complete to 100%.
And save the ECU flash bin file.
After that, switch off car ignition, wait 5 seconds then switch on ignition again according to the tips.
Now MPPS V18.12.3.8 successfully read 2012 Vauxhall Astra 1.7 CDTI A17DTJ Engine ECU flash file!
Then next step is to do couple changes in WinOLS and upload the ECU bin file back!
Here MPPS V18 with Breakout Tricore Cable only $99 and free shipping:


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