How to tell Nissan Consult 3, Consult 3 plus and Consult 4

What is the best solution of Nissan diagnosis & ECU programming?

Here you go… Read the chart of “Nissan Consult 3 vs. Nissan Consult III Plus vs. Nissan Consult 4 vs. FVDI 2 Nissan”.

Item Number SP38 SP38-B SP118 SP80 SV67
Name Nissan Consult IIIBluetoothversion Consult 3 for Nissan without Bluetooth  NissanConsult 3Plus V61.10 Nissan Consult 4for Nissan Infiniti Renault 2016 FVDI 2 NissanInfinitiV4.3 with USB Dongle
Product  fvdi-2-nissan
Price $349 $149 $1249 $349 $409
Version V9.21 V9.21 V61.10 4.3
Languages English,Finnish,

German, Russian, Greek,
Italian, Japanese,
Spanish, Chinese

English,Finnish, French,
German, Greek, Italian,
Japanese,Spanish, Chinese,
English,Portuguese, French, German,
Spanish, Italian, Japanese,
Russian, Finnish, Greek,
English, Finnish,French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese English Only
PC OS Requirement Windows XP WindowsXP Windows XP,WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 Windows XP Windows XP
Communication USB /Bluetooth USB USB /Bluetooth USB /Bluetooth USB
Car brands Nissan,Infiniti Nissan, Infiniti Nissan,Infiniti Nissan,Infiniti,Renault Nissan,Infiniti
Model year 1998-2010 1998-2010 (not OK on some old models) 1998-2016 1998-2010 1998-2012
OBDII diagnosis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ECU Programming Yes, works with asecurity card No Yes Yes, works with a security card No
Reprogramming Yes No Yes Yes No
Key Programming Yes, works with asecurity card No Yes, works with animmo security card Yes, works with a security card Yes, works perfect in making keys

In sum,

which Nissan diagnostic tool you should take depends on the models you wanna work with and also the functions you gonna perform:

For new cars, Nissan consult 3 plus works good.

For old cars, Consult 3 Bluetooth version covers more models before 2010.

For obdii diagnosis, all nissan scanners above are ok.

For ecu programming/reprogramming, consult 3 bluetooth, consult 3 plus, consult 4 are all ok.


For nissan key programming, fvdi2 works fine.


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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