EU vs.China made Kess V2 tricore cable

How to rework Kess V2 master ecu tuning kit Tricore adapter cable to work as a real EU Made cable? Here are Kess V2 Tricore cable pinout china vs. eu made.

Kess Tricore cable china clone

Kess Tricore cable china clone 1

Kess Tricore cable china clone 2

Kess Tricore cable EU made

Kess Tricore cable EU made

Chinese Kess V2 tricore cable pinouts:

This is correct wiring for tricore adapter cable

pin 1 = brown

pin 2 = purple

pin 3 = not connected

pin 4 = blue

pin 5 = 2x red

pin 6 = not connected

pin 7 = white

pin 8 = not connected

pin 9 = orange

pin 10 = gray

pin 11 = 2x black

pin 12 = not connected

pin 13 = not connected

pin 14 = yellow

pin 15 = green

on some chinese clone cables. pin 1, pin 2, pin 14 and pin 15 to be wrong  and this seems to be the case with a lot of them after researching.

The Colours above are correct for the Tricore adapter to work.

EU kess v2 Tricore cable pin out:

PIN 1 = brown –> reset (output)

PIN 2 = purple –> VPP switched voltage

PIN 3 = not connected

PIN 4 = blue –>CNF1 (multifunction boot support)

PIN 5 = red –> +12V supply

PIN 6 = not connected

PIN 7 = white –> CAN-High

PIN 8 = not connected

PIN 9 = orange –> +12V switched voltage

PIN 10 = grey –> Boot (low switched)

PIN 11 = black –> GND

PIN 12 = not connected

PIN 13 = not connected

PIN 14 = yellow –> K-Line

PIN 15 = green –> CAN-Low

Kess V2 Tricore cable China vs. EU made

Kess V2 Tricore cable China vs. EU made

Check the differences and wire up to EU pinout:

PIN 1 = green

PIN 2 = yellow

PIN 14 = purple

PIN 15 = brown

Change differences and now it works

To avoid issues, quality guaranteed cables should be a good choice. has kess v2 kits with a working Tricore cable, all tested by professionals:

Good luck!


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