MPPS V18 verified working on Windows 7

Which Windows system is OK to run Mpps v18 china/eu clone? Windows 7 is the only one officially tested no issues by But for Windows xp, win 8, win 10, some make it, some fail. Anyway, good luck with mpps software.

– MPPS V18.12.3.8 Windows XP:


my main setup winxp :>


working on Windows xp…..i don’t think so



definitely not driver issue using same driver version as v16
it’s .exe on win xp is no longer supported




– MPPS V18 Windows 7:


Windows XP not supported, WIN7 or WIN10 32 or 64 BITS OK.


In widows 7 Ultimate 64bits, work ok.


As for XP, works Perfect win 7 etc, just buy a cheap win 7. or 8 notebook “overspeed” , not worth it, say you did find a way on xp, is it worth risk writing ecu, risk enough we guinea pig clones as it is, lets just not reinvent the wheel, if its meant for win 7, etc, im happy to comply. have to admit quite like XP so had to invest in a cheap laptop for this mpps 18 testing,


Be sure to run as administrator using windows 7, mpps, if not, will id, but not read etc, as i witnessed yesterday, assumed tool. today read edc16 partner 1.6hdi and marelli corsa 1.3cdti and wrote ok,


NOTE: professional engineers at obdii365 tested mpps v18 china clone software without issues onWindows 7 32bit:




– Mpps v18 Windows 8:


Tested BMW EDC16C31 , read/write OK from windows 8 64bit


Does not run with Windows 8 x64



Mpps v18 clone ecu chip tuning cable Windows 10:


It works good in win 8 and win 10 both x64, software will only start when cable gets power from car.


windows 10

32 and 64 wish it worked on xp still tho ..


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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