How to add VW Polo 2014 key with JMD Handy baby

How to copy more Volkswagen keys with JMD handy baby car key copy machine? Using JMD Assistant with handy baby key programmer v7.0.0.


Version 7.0.0 Handy baby update new functions:

1.       Simulating ID46

2.       read and write from/to ID47(Hiatg3)

3.       Distinguish A/G keys of Honda ID47(Hitag3)

4.       More detail information in keys(including hitag AES, hitag PRO, etc)

5.       ID46 of Beidouxing(Suzuki) generate

6.       Honda ID47(hitag3)  generate(with blank ID47)

7.       Copy more Volkswagen keyswith JMD Assistant

(JMD Assistant will be available in one or two week)



Add a new Volkswagen key



VW – POLO – 2014


Tools for use:

The original key

A new key to be programmed

JMD assistant

Handy baby key programmer



Put JMD Assistant into the Handy Baby’s coil , and get into “basic-info” menu, wait several seconds and press OK to read, it will show information of JMD Assistant.



Put the original key to read out data



Take out the original and put the new key into the coil to copy key data




Test the new key on the Polo. It’s verified to work no issues.


JMD assistant and Handy baby auto key programmer copy a Polo key successfully!

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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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