How to get Nissan Consult 3 plus+ to work with J2534 tools

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Any one know if Bosch proflasher j2534 can be used as a VI with Consult  III+

I try changing diagnostic file to use with passthru but so far no good.


Yes, it can be used but limited. Takes a little more than just changing the diagnostictool.ini also have to mod registry. I’m sure some shark on here looking for money will do it for you. I will tell you the best thing. When you hit select vi/mi….. Do not ever hit connect! Just highlight the USB with serial 1234567 and then select cancel. Then you should see interface connected on home screen. Also need to make sure when you mod the diagtool ini you use the correct name of your interface. has to match exact name in registry.



For example, my Cardaq-m can be recognized by the Consult 3+ v34.11. I edited the diagnostictools.ini located here


and changed the vi_device_name like so


I also went into the regedit (registry Editor) but my files were located in a different spot then most people that I have been reading. I don’t know if I installed it wrong on my windows 7 64 bit but I had to use the find function in regedit and toggle through them that way to change names of files.

I have hooked up to 1999-2006 Nissan Maximas, Altimas, and a couple newer Nissan Pathfinders all in the United States. Some vehicles do not auto detect VIN or IGN. ON. I have pulled codes, and datastream. I will be adding Keys and trying to add intellikeys on a newer nissan pathfinder. I’ll let everyone know the results.

This one took me a while to get my J2534 tool working right.


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