Free BMWAi Coder v4.4 v4.6 English French Polish

Here you can free download BMW ISTA+ BMWAi Coder & Tools v4.4 v4.6 software and also download language files to setup French and Polish in BMWAiCoder. TRY AT YOUR RISK.


Free download bmwai coder:

BMWAi Coder&Tools v4.4 (English)

BMWAi Coder & Tools v4.6 (English)

BMWAiCoder french.ini (copy .ini file to program directory)

BMWAiCoder polish.txt (Change .txt file into .ini file and copy to program directory)

Note: bmwaicoder above are the customer share; not tested yet. To run BMWAi Coder&Tools for security, the one tested without issues is a better choice, even for a bit cost.

Tested bmwaicoder within BMW ICOM ISTA-D 4.01 engineer programming software.



BMWAi coder v4.4 language and OS:

On windows XP software starts with Chinese, language not English; on win7 is opposite


Models can be run with:

BMWAi coder works for BMW F series only, as E-sys software does.


Devices can be used together:

Icom or ENET cable


Function of BMWAi coder & tools:

With custom E-Sys coding style it’s “almost” like coding in E-Sys itself.


function to read ilevel of the car

update map

generate fsc codes

reset adaptation very quick…bmwai-coder-french bmwai-coder-tools-1 bmwai-coder-tools-2 bmwai-coder-tools-3

About eobd21

I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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