How to mount Adblue Emulator 7-in-1 on MAN truck

AdBlue Emulator 7-n-1 Module is designed to disable Adblue system used in trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles with EURO 4/5 exhaust emission rates made by Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo and Renault.

Here is the instruction/illustration on how to mount Adblue emulator 7-in-1 on MAN truck.
Installation device Adblue emulator module to MAN trademark trucks:


1. Take away safety locks numbers (894,737,738)

2. Under a switchbox and at the left side(the party of the driver)
also find the socket (see a photo of Man_1,Man_2)



3 On the socket two brown thick wires are a minus. (see Man-3 photo)
4 Directly under them vertically are 191 wire-CAN H,192 wire-CAN L


5. From any socket at right direction take wire 15006, it’s plus


6 If at the time of shutdown there were mistakes-probably, after emulator installation the pictograph of toxicity of an exhausts won’t go out on a meter panel. In this case it is necessary to erase mistake and to nullify the MIL parameter in the EDC tab. In that case you not be able to do without MAN CATS.


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