Retrofit BMW E92 2008 LCI DONGS into 2007

I have been searching for years as to how I can change my stupid old chime to the newer gong, so as most of you attempt to disable all the annoying warning chimes that the car emits. As stupid as it sounds, I think it makes the car feel so much more upscale, which BMW realized one year after I bought my coupe. I have a 07 e92 without nav and finally found that it is possible to change the sound (there is a video proven on youtube).

I bought my car in October 2006 and i think it was a Sept 06 build. So from what i can gather, i need a 09/07 head unit and coding. Thoughts?


BMW Expert Suggestion:
You need to install a HU from 09/2007 or newer. (It doesn’t matter if it is professional or business)
Then you have to recode the KOMBI module. It is which sends the dongs to the HU.”

“yo have to recode your kombi module:
Just change the value HU_VERBAUT_C08 to radiostufe_3_4”

K+DCAN cable (USB to DCAN interface) and the proper software like NCS Expert, INPA, Ediabas…
This is the cheapest way but you won’t be able to code some modules like combox, MULF… because the use optic fiber connection instead of CAN.
If you want to code all modules you need an BMW ICOM interface with the latest software, but this way is very expensive.”


Get the new HU and then code like above.

It will have to be from 2007 because that’s when the new gong was put in on all HUs and not just the upgraded ones. Upgraded from below 2007 will not make a difference.


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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