UPA pinout to Mercedes W203 EZS hc908az60

Do you have links upa usb v1.3 for EZS hc908az60 without desoldering?




Customer solution:
w203 eis chip have sec.bit with upa usb programmer cannot read
R270 etl or xprog need.


P3 and p9 dashed means you need to lift of the board those pins…

With upa you risk loose all data in processor, hc08 is secured and upa is not very good with it, better are R270, etl and the best for me is xprog v5.50 above.

Mercedes W203 EZS wiring diagram for XPROG-M


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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