How to Repair bricked FRM3 by ECU programmers

I get many PM’s regarding bricked FRM3 repair. So thought this thread could be a point of information for people who want to repair their bricked module. By bricked I means EEPROM damage through coding / programming due to voltage fluctuation resulting in IFH-0009 error and no communication via OBD.

In this case the module is still good but requires a good EEPROM dump / p-flash being written to it. Once the good EEPROM is in, communication via obd should be restored and vin / VO will need to changed. You also need to find a correct zusb number and flash it with Winkfp.


MCU is a 9S12XDT384 (mask 3M25J)

PROGRAMMERS confirmed to support this MCU:
UPA USB Programmer
Orange 5

My collection of FRM3 dumps – p-flash and EEPROM.
1. Erase EEPROM (4096bytes)
2. Write good dump
3. Verify obd working and change vin / VO as if retrofitting used FRM3.
4. Flash with correct zusb number for your vehicle using winkfp.

To connect to the MCU there are 3 methods I’m aware of:
1. In socket – desolder chip
2. In circuit – BDM points – reverse of PCB – see image attached.
3. Direct – test clips onto pins like Pamona Micro Grabbers or cheaper alternative.

Connections to:
VDDR (5v)


Hopefully this is helpful for someone.

Repair bricked FRM3 by Xprog, UPA, R270, Orange5


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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