Which tool to program 2 used key for Toyota Prius 2006

How to program 2 used key on Toyota Prius 2006? Here are the customer solutions.


Q: How to program 2 used key for PRIUS 2006 after reset smart ecu ( i use Toyota TIS Techstreamand pass-code) ? After resetting and programming one key work successful but second key not ( smart function).
Solution 1:
Reset immo. Again next time register the unregistered key first. Once the key has been register it leaves a footprint in the Ecu. On the second reset it will register the unregistered first and then the next fob will register because it leaves a footprint.


Solution 2:
Toyota 04-09 smart access system is a two part learning. Part one is the slot function (transponder). Part two is the remote/prox/smart access part.

I’m guessing you already programmed the slot portion.

For part two with the Key Pro M8 you go to Toyota>proximity>by system>Type 5. You will then select RESET ECU. Once it has been reset (16 minute wait) you go to PROGRAM REMOTE. You must program all remotes in the same session by pressing Lock & Unlock then Lock on each remote before you pressing enter to complete the registration.


Solved. Work perfectly.

How to program 2 used key for Toyota Prius 2006


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