BMW E90 2B63 P0366 Fault codes Solution

Post starts with the problem that BMW 3 Series E90 318i had a serious lack of power, then read fault code with BMW Creator C110 code reader, then fix the problem. Go on reading following parts for details. Hope it helps.


Car model and year:

BMW 3 Series E90 318i



Running poorly and had a serious lack of power, the RPM was pretty stable at idle, but it sounded like a bag of hammers when going over 1500 rpm


BMW scanner to diagnose the BMW E90 318i:

Use BMW Creator C110 code reader to get the manufacturer specific fault code

Fault code read out by BMW Creator C110:

2B63 fault code

See the following picture to show the codes on BMW Creator C110 code scanner.


As you can see from the following picture I circled a few of the components that people might get confused about which sensor is which.

1 is the Vanos Solenoid Valve

2 is also the Vanos Solenoid Valve

3 is the inlet camshaft sensor

4 is the exhaust camshaft sensor


What we tried to do?

I took apart the exhaust camshaft sensor and then started the car; it started and then ran exactly the same as when the sensor was in place, therefore at this stage we are still presuming that the sensor has something fault. Next stage is to put the new sensor in place and then start then engine and erase the codes, then hope everything works ok.


So the new Camshaft exhaust sensor was fitted a few days ago, but did not fix up the problem. The covers were taken apart from the engine and the timing chain has stretched & skipped cogs. A full new timing chain is requested.

If you do obtain this scenario in your BMW, I would still advise you to change the camshaft sensor because that may well be the problem, but for us to change it over was more serious and it’s a pretty big job.


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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