How to use Yanhua MB CAN Filter 18-in-1

CAN Filter is designed to support old mileage data blocking on Mercedes-Benz and Renault vehicles.  is designed to prevent regeneration of the old mileage state in vehicle dashboard (odometer). CAN filter doesn’t interrupt any vehicle electronic system, there will be no errors or DTC’s after install.


The most power MB CAN Filter is the YanHua made one. YanHua MB CAN Filter is designed for Mercedes-Benz W222, W205,W447,W221,W204,W212,W207,W176,W463,W166,W246,W197,W117,W218,R231,X166,R172 and X204 vehicles.


CAN Filter 18 in 1 Support Models:

S (W222) C (W205) V (W447)

S (W221) C (W204) E (W212)
E (W207) A (W176) G (W46)3
ML (W166) SL (R231) GL (X166)
B (W246) CLS (W218) SLK (R172)
SLS (W197) CLA (W117) GLK (X204)

How to use/connect MB CAN Filter 18 in 1?


These filters block old mileage data from EZS module. If you have installed filter on Mercedes-Benz vehicle in EZS module, then original dealer workshop scanner (like Mercedes MB Star DiagnosisMultiplexer or Xentry) will show same mileage in EZS as in vehicles instrument cluster. Also works for older vehicles like E-class W211, S-class W220, Sprinter. Mercedes-Benz filter can be installed also in instrument cluster, but in this case in EZS-EIS will stay old odometer mileage value.


Now you can change mileage state with your preferred odometer correction tool on these Mercedes-Benz and Renault vehicles.


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