The way to Test an Ignition Control Module

The digital ignition control module can be a stable point out “On/Off” switch with the ignition procedure. The module receives a signal from a sensor within the distributor. The sign is then employed to fire the ignition coil generating the strength for the spark plugs. The ignition module may perhaps be positioned within the distributor, within the distributor housing, or mounted to your aspect on the motor compartment. Any time a module goes terrible, it typically fails completely and also the motor won’t operate in any respect. Checking your ignition module is definitely an effortless undertaking that needs just the most straightforward of car diagnostic tool.

Remove a single plug wire in the spark plug and insert an outdated spark plug to the end from the plug boot. Area the spark plug on a steel area around the engine. Crank the motor and check for a spark within the old spark plug. No spark to the plug implies an ignition challenge.

Check for voltage with the coil constructive terminal if the ignition essential is on. Place the purple lead in the multimeter on the positive coil terminal. Spot the black guide into the battery damaging terminal. Turn on the ignition switch for the “Run” posture. The multimeter should go through battery voltage at the good terminal. If voltage isn’t current, then the issue is while using the ignition change or ignition wiring circuit.

Locate the ignition module favourable ( ) wire. Change the important thing “Run” situation without having setting up the motor. Pierce the optimistic wire while using the multimeter’s crimson guide. There should be described as a studying of battery voltage within the wire. If battery voltage isn’t existing, check for an open up circuit amongst the wire as well as ignition swap, read through codes with Multi-Di@g Access J2534.

Locate the ignition module destructive (-) wire. Pierce the destructive wire with the multimeter’s purple guide. Get rid of the distributor cap with out getting rid of the spark plug wires. Rotate the distributor middle shaft by hand or by cranking the motor. Observe the distributor rotor because the engine is getting cranked in excess of. Should the distributor rotor fails to show, then the distributor or distributor gears are terrible. The multimeter should really read through voltage alternating among battery voltage and nil.

Replace the ignition module when the multimeter looking through fails to fluctuate in between battery voltage and zero as being the distributor is popping. Set up the distributor cap and fasten it securely on the distributor. Disconnect the multimeter in the ignition module and battery.

INstalling for 2013-II Multi-Di@g Entry J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Unit:


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