How to Use an OBD II Scanner

An OBD2 code scanner is definitely the 2nd version from the On-Board Diagnostics device, which monitors engine functions. If a vehicle’s engine experiences a malfunction, the “Check Engine” light comes on. An OBD-II scanner can entry the resulting trouble codes inside the vehicle’s diagnostic computer, or electrical power train control module. This computerized hand held device can only interact with automobiles manufactured in 1996 and later. Earlier vehicles use older diagnostic programs which fluctuate dependant upon the vehicle producer. Applying an OBD-II scanner is comparatively simple, and accessing trouble codes only requires some minutes.

one Be certain the car is turned off. Find the Data Link Connector underneath the steering wheel. That is an outlet that allows entry to the diagnostic computer system, which in most cars is over the driver side.

2 Connect your OBD-II scanner to your Data Link Connector. The scanner cable has in a 16-pin plug that ought to naturally match in to the outlet.

3 Insert your vehicle’s key in to the ignition cylinder and switch to “On.” According to the brand of OBD-II device, you could also must flip the engine on and make it possible for it to idle.

4 Flip the device on, if it didn’t auto-activate itself.

five Key in the command to “read” or “scan” the diagnostic technique. Tips on how to do that will depend on the brand of OBD-II device you’re making use of. Button layout differs from model to model, and some units could use a menu procedure. Actual code retrieval directions will likely be located in the device’s handbook.

6 Read with the trouble codes on your device’s read-out display. Copy these codes down onto a sheet of paper. Some devices are USB outfitted and may connect immediately to a laptop having a USB cable. When you’ve got this sort of OBD-II scanner, device-to-desktop connectivity will covered inside your scanner’s handbook.

seven Search up the trouble codes as part of your device’s handbook. Generally, generic OBD-II codes are situated in an appendix toward the back. These are the standardized generic codes fantastic for all OBD-II compliant motor vehicles. Producers also have a supplementary set. A vehicle’s owner’s guide will not have these codes. You’ll need for being seem them up on line or in the fix manual to your unique motor vehicle.

eight Turn the vehicle’s electrical technique off. Should you needed to start the engine, turn it off likewise. Unplug the OBD-II scanner’s diagnostic cord through the outlet and turn the device off.


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