How to choose the suitable diagnostics tool

Along with more and more computer technologies are applied to the development of the vehicles, these computer-controlled equipments pose grave challenges for the mechanics are engaged in the auto aftermarket industry. The mechanics who know little about the repair technology, and have neither the car diagnostics tool nor the repair data cannot fix the malfunctioning vehicles at all. Therefore, if you want to become a modern professional mechanic, in addition to the solid theoretical basis, complete car model data, you should also know how to use the auto diagnostics tool.
2013 New BMW ICOM A2+B+C Diagnostic & Programming Tool
Generally speaking, the first condition of using a car diagnostic tool is that the users must choose the suitable instrument. In fact, what kind of car diagnostic tool to choose usually depends on the cars, and the car diagnostic interface usually varies from different .At present, the most widely-used equipments are OBD-II car diagnostic tool and OBD-II tool with CAN interface. Although BMW Diagnostic Equipment ICOM is considered to be an OBD-II dedicated tool for BMW cars, it is also available for the older BMW car models, in other words, BMW ICOM is available for all types of BMW cars, whether they have the OBD-II interface or not. As we know, bmw icom consists of ICOM A, ICOM B and ICOM C, and the older BMW cars only have the round diagnosis socket inside which needs the intelligent converter ICOM C to connect to the OBD-II interface. BMW ICOM A2+B+C

As a mechanic, the quality of the car diagnostic tool in your garage must be assured, in this way, whether the maintenance or the repair process can be assured.


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