How to use the CN900 Key programmer software

CN900 key programmer is used to copy keys. With 46 Cloner box, you can copy keys faster and easily. Here is the detailed instruction for how to use CN900 key programmer and 46 cloner box to copy keys. Hope it will helpful to you.
How to connect the CN900 key programmer with 46 cloner box to copy ID 46 chips? Here is the detailed instruction:

Step 1: Instruction for CN900 key programmer components []:
1) This is the TPX4 chip, what is this chip used for? This TPX4 chip is used to collect data.

2) This is the chip shell

3) Put the TPS4 chip into the shell, then you will see the photo like this:

Step 2: Use CN900 to copy chips

1) Connect CN900 Key programmer with 46 cloner box ready, then turn on the power of CN900 key programmer.

2) Plug the original key into CN900 key programmer [], and click “read©” button, after a few seconds, you will see the following information on the screen of CN900 key programmer:

3) use the pen to click “DECODE” button.

4) Remove the original key from CN900 car key programmer, then plug the TPX4 chip into CN900 key programmer

5) When you see the information displayed as the screen of the first following photo, take the original key and TPX4 chip to your car. TPX4 chip shold be closed to the original key. Plug the original key into the ignition switches. Power on — power off — pull it out. Repeat this operation for 4 times. Data collection is over.


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