FAQ of Launch Creader VII

Launch creader vii customer asked question:
Q: Precisely what is the benefit of this Creader VII compared with other code readers of launch?
A: For this Creader VII, it supports complete process diagnose. In addition to, it may assistance single model diagnose. Precisely what is the meaning? Such as your car is Benz, you can register your information on official launch website and download the Benz application (Only can download one type of software package). Soon after download, your Creader VII will probably be up to date, and this application is binded together with your gadget. What’s the benefit? Immediately after accomplishing that, not only for OBD protocol car designs, you’ll be able to diagnose Benz car model diagnose, now perform is like diagun or master. Then this gadget will support all electronic handle method diagnose for your Benz automobile.

Q: Tips on how to download the software from official website and update?
A: Head to the official launch web-site. You might locate the website is the user guide with the package. Then register the CC quantity. Then go to mycar.x431.com to register your Creader VII and download the software. You only can download 1 type of software package. This support is largely for individual owners, who ought to resolve the car or truck manually. For this software package and function, it’s a lot more quick and easy to diagnose your auto, and assistance all electronic manage technique diagnose for this car or truck.

Q: The place do i put the software program to? Computer?
A: You can use the laptop or computer to head to official web site to download the application, but remember to download the application to your CF card of this Creader VII. There exists the CF card reader will be the bundle, put the card in it and insert the card reader to laptop. Then download the software program to this CF card. This CF card is made use of to stored the software.


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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