Some FAQ in utilizing the X431 Diagun III, examine it to discover the solution that which you have to have.

Q1: Where by is the consumer to obtain the x431 diagun III SP150 software program? From the web-site: http://mycar.x431.com/? This is certainly Chinese version?
A1: According to where by the customer to login, unique country IP can alter language. The one Chinese in China login, login is inside a overseas region can be in English.

Q: Download the Diagun III motor vehicle software, the language of software program has no English only Chinese. And prospects try out to obtain the Chinese software and afterwards suggested that IP restriction, what is actually up?
A: Clients need to be opened authorization which was in the position to download the software. Register will prompt IP restrictions if consumers weren’t open up authorization, it is possible to not obtain the software.

Q: SP150 Diagun III has long been opened, the customer can’t be registered.
A: Supplier code ought to be stuffed in uppercase 86A.

Q: SP150 and SP152 which can be superior?
A: Actually, their capabilities are equivalent, although the SP152 X431 GDS aid 3G Internet entry. And GDS supplies some value-added products and services, like upkeep information and facts and so forth. GDS is a 7-inch screen, DIAGUN III only 4.three inches. In the meantime GDS by itself also arrives by using a storage generate. In comparison GDS is surely a lot better than the X431 DIAGUN III, even so the X431 GDS expedition organization would be to supply specifically overseas, not domestic gross sales, so we do not possess the goods to market.

Q: SP150 Diagun III should be supports French and European industry, it may be upgraded on the net, proper?
A: X431 DIAGUN III supported languages ??talked about prior to, apart from the U.S. marketplace can not straight update on the net, other areas can be directly upgraded on the internet. U.S. clients must use other countries VPN, like the UK’s VPN, though opening the British mandate, we can update the program on the net.

Q: Clients triumph to registered X431 DIAGUN III, but it really exhibited the Bluetooth wasn’t linked when make car or truck, the road test is nice, what happened?
A: To start with look at the customer’s Bluetooth serial number and host serial range are definitely the similar or not. If regular, the customer’s hardware may be a issue, and want to return to the host and Bluetooth for us to check.


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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