Digiprog three mileage shifting problem and alternative

Here is definitely the consumer operation for digiprog 3 when shifting the mileage. We’ll analyse the issue and provide you with the correct answer.

Here will be the operation for a single consumer transform the mileage on chip 95020. He use ST01 cable to connect the chip and modify the mileage, and meet the next prompt.

Challenge photo proven:

Dilemma analisis:
There exists the user guide on digiprog 3 package. From this manual, you may know how to use digiprog three to perform on your car model, this kind of as select which cable and in which may be the chip. Besides, once you use digiprog 3 to work on your car, after you select the automobile model, screen will prompt you to pick which cable plus the place with the chip you need to change the mileage.

From photo 1, you may see the primary borad of the auto which you desire to alter the mileage. The chip is about the board. The wrong area could be the second photo. You must weld the chip in the board, then connect the ST01 cable using the chip you move through the main board and chip the mileage. Not immediately connect the cable together with the key board. For this wrong operation, you can not change the mileage in the chip.

Suitable way:
This is the a further car model, for this model, the chip is 93c46. 1st, discover this chip about the board

Then weld this chip in the board

Just after you get the chip, be certain the chip is clean. Then use the right cable to connect the chip. Consideration: The route have to be proper.

The proper techniques:
1) read through the mileage of chip two) alter the mileage 3) Create the new mileage for the chip.


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I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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