How to install the software for Mitchell OnDemand 5 Q1.2012

This is the car diagnostic tool software installation for Mitchell OnDemand 5 Q1.2012. Here you can use this way to install the software and use it succesfully.
Before you install this software, please make sure that you have closed or uninstalled the unti-virse software. Otherwise this Mitchell OnDemand 5 will be deleted by unti-virse software. Attention: Our software does not have virse. All the files should be uploaded to “120%”.

1) Install “Alcohol 120%”

After you restart the computer, please copy the serial number:


2) Install Mitchell
Open Mitchell\M582, choose “setup.exe” to install the software

3) choose “Next”

4) Choose “i accept …. ” and “next”.

5) Now please wait

6) Now click “finish”, then this software is finished.

7) Close mitchell procedure

8) The copy files to the installation directory
First decompress the file “Od5.rar” of  folder “MITCHELL \ M582 \ Fix”, then copy it to the installation directory, default C:/Mitchell1\OnDemand5.

Part 3: Use Alcohol to to load Mitchell file.

Set “Number of virtual device” to “13”

To lead Mitchell file

Right click and load the “Mitchell Repair 1” to “J”

Repair 2 mount on to L
Repair 3 mount on to M
Repair 13 mount on to W

Now set the route of mitchell

Choose the one in the red blank

Because before we use ALOCHOL to load the Mitchell from drive J to W, this time we choose J

Repair 1 corresponding J:\
Repair 2 corresponding L:\
Repair 13  corresponding W:\

After you set up the route ready, next we will add Mitchell estimator.

glance and choose file “Estimator”, route is I:\Mitchell  \ESTIMATOR

Click “Next”

Part 4: The installation is finished.

Attention: This repair function is not opened and can not be used.

More information about the auto diagnostic tool @


About eobd21

I am a car lover and like to repair car by myself, and know more info about car diagnostic tool and other obd2 tools, share these info with everyone.
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