Summary of BMW AK90 Key Programmer

Q: I dropped my only important, could I take advantage of this AK90 to produce a person key? After i employ this new important to open the door of my automobile, would the vehicle will bark?
A: This AK90 might make the main element including the primary a person.

Q: Could I use this AK90 to make another key within the foundation of my previous vital?
A: If your old vital is often programmed over and over again, then you can definitely use this instrument to system your old crucial.

Q: when i make use of this car diagnostic tool to study my critical info, but I uncover it can not study my EWS. Following I exploit it read EWS, it prompt me to wait. About 10 seconds later, i’m able to listen to some voice. Then it prompt there’s something wrong in my PIN. What the heck is the situation?
A: The situation exists within your pin. If you use AK90 to plan your keys, you require to apparent the pin, ensure the pin is clean. No moistureproof oily and continue to keep the cables are very well contacted. Feel free to use rubbing alcoholic beverages to wash the pin and cable. Then you can use it to examine your EWS and important.

Q: what BMW crucial this AK90 can method?
A: This AK90 can increase EWS2.1/EWS2.2/EWS3/EWS3.3/EWS4/EWS4.4. It may go through all EWS essential facts from 1995-2005.

Q: Your AK90 critical programmer is unique or duplicate?
A: Our AK90 essential programmer is initial. It can be designed by HRT know-how.

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