What is BMW ICOM B and how to connect?

What is ICOM B:


BMW ICOM B is a diagnostic head unit for all BMW cars with MOST optical port. It is connected with USB cable to a ICOM A1, A2, NEXT A diagnostic head. Used for diagnostic faults, error clearing, coding and programming units.

On a side note, BMW ICOM A is a diagnostic head unit for all BMW cars and motorcycles. It is connected with network cable to a computer and by OBD connector to a car. Used for diagnostic faults, error clearing, coding and programming units.

How to connect ICOM B module with car:

Put the ICOM B at the USB port from your ICOM main interface.

Open the optical port on ICOM B and connect it to the car. For example on a E92 it is a little bit more right to the diag plug under the steering stock (a black plastic plate should be removed).

Here you can see the optical plug, remove the lenscap before you use it.

The location can be found in ISTA and is depending on the cars type you are working.

How to use ICOM B for initial use:

Before flashing anything with a new ICOM-B for the first time, I recommend doing a stress test with Tool32.

Configure Ediabas to most async ab 625, open Tool32 and cicr.prg.

Then select job fs_lesen

and then from Tool32 top bar, select “play”.

This will make the “read error memory” job run on repeat.

If it can do it for 30-60 minutes, then the head is probably ok.

Obviously the ICOM emulator must be connected to the CIC.

When you make a flashing , you can confirm data communication in task managers.


And, ICOM B, green flashes on and off.


How to read LED info from ICOM B:

The ICOM B includes a (2) two LED display. These LED|s displays the following information

and warnings:

  • One 2-color LED label SYSTEM for the general status:

Off ——————————– no power or problems with power supply

Yellow —————————– initializing ICOM B

Red flashing ———————- problems with booting/initializing

Green —————————– ready

Green flashing ——————– communication

  • One 2-color LED label MOST for the status of MOST communication Ethernet:

Off ——————————— no light at MOST

Red ——————————– no lockable light

Green ——————————stable LOCK

Yellow *—————————- no stable LOCK

* Yellow = the relevant LED lights up simultaneously red and green.

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Program Key for Nissan Navara 2007 with Lonsdor K518

How to add a key on a Nissan Navara year 2007 with Lonsdor k518ISE key programmer.

Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Select Immobilizer->Nissan->Select from type->Immobilizer-> Electronic key (12)->Add Key




Insert working key and turn ignition on


Lonsdor K518 reads Nissan BCM code and password etc


Press Cancel button

Insert key and turn ignition on


Turn ignition off


Turn ignition on and off


Program completed, program next key?

Insert new key and turn ignition on

Switch ignition off

Programming completed


Test the new key and start car


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Mini VCI J2534 Erase Aprilia Mania 850 P0335 Fault Code

Aprilia Mania 850 motorcycle P0335 Crankshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction fault code solution by using cheap J2534 cable is provided here.

The frequently symptoms are indicator warning lights  go off  and won’t start during driving.  You proper need to carry out diagnosis.



a vehicle obd cable (VAG KKL OBD2 cable  16 pin to USB cable with the FTDI chip is mostly frequently used. But I use a Mini VCI J2534 cable which i bought to diagnose Toyota with Techstream software before)


connect to PC

Download GuzziDiag software from internet.


configure for communication

Set com port to COM 4 and select motorcycle type: Breva 850


Magneti Manelli CDI


Make a connection among mini vci cable, laptop and motor


Guzzi Diag read Fault code value:

P0335: no signal

U1701:no signal

U1702: no signal

read and clear fault code


check again from the instrument cluster


Re-connect to check for a real faulty location Crankshaft position sensor called crank angle sensor faulty


View service manual


Location verification


Lift the trunk out


removing the connector


it is a difficult to pull out




comparison with normal




death confimration


Replace the gear with a new gear warning light is also used to replace both speed sensors


Fixed obviously.

Disclaimer: The tutorial was provided by Korean expert #Dragon Motor. You are at your risk.

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Lonsdor K518ISE Read Pin and Program key for Chrysler

Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer is able to read pin code and add key to Chrysler CAN system via OBD. Here’s a demo guide.

Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Select Immobilizer->Chrysler->Select from type->Immobilizer->Tpye2 (CAN)->Read Pin Code






Lonsdor K518 read Chrysler 4-digit pin code success


Select Add key


Insert key to be programmed and turn ignition switch on


Identified keys programmed: 3


Enter pin code to access


Programming in progress


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Program Toyota Corolla 2015 H Chip Key with Lonsdor K518ISE

I’ve successfully add a H chip key on a Toyota Corolla year 2015 by using Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer.  H key all keys lost is not available currently, but G chip all key lost works if have smart key emulators.


Connect K518 with vehicle

Select Immobilizer->Toyota-> Program smart key-> Corolla->2015 UP->Immobilizer H type->Add key





A master key is required to add or erase other keys.

How to identify master key and valet key?

Insert key into ignition switch, if immo indicators won’t turn on, the key is the master key. If the immo light turns on for 2 sec and go off, it is the valet key.


Insert master key and switch ignition on


Insert key to be programmed

Follow Lonsdor K518 prompts to turn ON/OFF ignition switch


Programming key in progress



Add Toyota H chip key success.


Test the new key and start vehicle.

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How to Program BMW with ISTA-P not ISTA+

There are different systems for vehicle diagnosis (ISTA) and programming (ISTA/P) used. This means it was necessary to change systems several times when repairing a vehicle using software.

ISTA+ has been expanded so that all the required programming functions for the series F, G and I are integrated.

E-series vehicles still have to be programmed using ISTA/P!

The functions relevant for programming can be accessed via the following menus:


Vehicle treatment

  • Software update o Comfort – as per the suggested measures plan

o Advanced – with broadened scope

o Additional software (range of functions is not active yet)

  • Control unit replacement o Before exchange (preparation) – control unit read-out for the exchange

o After exchange (subsequent evaluation) – control unit configuration after exchange

  • Vehicle modification o Retrofit

o Conversion

o Conversion (only coding)

o Backfitting

o Immediate measures


So, what for E series coding/programming?

For Exx- Series:

Interface = K+DCAN Cable (OBDII to USB) or ICOM

ECU Data Files = SP-Daten

NCS Expert = Coding Software

WinKFP = Programming (Flashing) Software

EDIABAS = Low-Level ECU Communication Software used by NCS Expert & WinKFP

For Coding, you need NCS Expert / SP-Daten for E-Series

All Diagnosis and Coding can be done with a cheap K+Dcan cable

For Programming (Flashing ECU’s with new Firmware), then you need ISTA/P for for E-Series, or you can use WinKFP for it. And you will need a BMW ICOM cable (ICOM A2/ICOM A3 or ICOM Next)

YOU HAVE TO KNOW before you buy ICOM A2 or ICOM A3 or ICOM Next:

ICOM NEXT vs the old ICOM

-> much faster in BMW F and G series ..

-> supports gigabit Ethernet too to be future proof, there currently is not gigabit Ethernet protocol defined yet for autos. Also it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card.

So, Icom next a works much better.


-> more stable during programming

-> be necessary for the future Gbit cars

-> faster start-up times and high throughput

-> through high-performance,low-power ARM SoC

-> improved handling

-> more flexible OBD cable

-> lighted button for logs

In sum, Icom next wins!


Both of these have the same hardware. None of them are clones of anything also. A3 is fully china version of ICOM, there is no original version looking like this crap. NEXT is just looking as genuine NEXT, but with old A1/A2 hardware inside, like A3.

I recommend buying an Icom next. It is priced roughly at 500 euro. Take in consideration that you will probably work on cars that are worth 30-40k euro or maybe more and if your chinese icom fails you even once, you will be spending a lot of money on a bricked ecu.


Modified ICOM A2 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity. And robust aluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments. It works better in cooling, runs faster and works more stable, not easier broken than older ICOM A.

ICOM A3 can program all units for all BMW series expect media system, and work more stable and has stronger compatibility than ICOM A2, A1.

In short, ICOM NEXT A+B+C works perfect; it’s the best option.

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How to reset Mini Pro TL866 programmer firmware

There are times when the Mini Pro TL866A/TL866CS programmer cannot be recognized by the operating system.

This happens when the unstable power supply is used in the system unit, your intervention in the circuitry of the programmer, etc. , which leads to failure of firmware microcontroller programmer.

In this case, the programmer can be put into the bootloader mode.

Advice for TL866 programmer owners. If your programmer is not recognized by the system after the upgrade, you can force it into bootloader mode by supplying VCC (+3.3 V) through a resistor of 100-200 ohms to the specified point and performing a reset.

For this, the arrow indicated on the photo is supplied with a voltage of 3.3 V through a 100 ohm resistor.

This way we reset the microcontroller of the programmer and force it when connecting to USB, start the bootloader and when starting the software, make programming.


Or by connecting to USB or by closing the RESET pin on the ISP connector, which the manufacturer should inform TL866 users about. After activating the “loader mode” in the MiniPro TL866 programmer, you need to download the firmware again using the Mini Pro software.

Hope it helps.

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