OEM Orange5 Review: Read/Write as an Original

Clone OEM Orange 5 programmer reviews:

Working good/bad? full chip covering or only partial???


Here is Orange 5 and the copy feedback from users.


I have it for a long time and for now everything is working properly.
One of the few clones that works well and works as an original.
Some adapters are not supplied and must be purchased separately


So far its reading and writing (with verify) all eeproms i try. Good tool so far.


I like PIN checking function (test insertions) very much .It saved my job a lot of time.
In combination with my UPA -S, Carprog, and TL866 programmer a lot of job can be done successfully .


Great programmer. All that is stated works. If the speed of exchange is not important, you can do a lot. Many good calculators


I have it 5.7 too and work perfect iven on win 10 x64..cas4-cas4+ and many more done no problem.. I also want to buy orange5


I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now i check in hc05b8, hc11e9, and eproms. All read and write very fast.


It’s almost the same as the price on the Orange website. Besides – on the webpage is written OEM.
Clone but includes – Immo HPX 9V0
confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with immo hpx 9.0 and adapter set


On Hc908az60 secured it work’s good.
I have 4 secured mcu, and they work ok.
I have tried 68hc11, a lot of eeproms, and it work’s just perfect.


have clone and work perfect. I pay 230usd
2j74y ok
35080 ok
Tms immo opel ok
Hc05 immo old vw ok


I have Orange5 clone and everything works perfect for now.
I tested with 1J35D,4J74Y,1D69J,0D69J,0F82B,3K91D,TMS370c702


It is Clone but I confirmed that oem orange 5 comes with Immo HPX 9V0 and adapter set
The original Orange5 with adapter + same software around thousand dollors
Right got this in today. Software is very easy to install.

all functions open 1 – 10 exept car radio get error
tested reading usual eeproms all good
tested tms370 with adapter board did not read so maybe bad adapter board

tested immo login code from dump ,tms vw works

will test as i go

but there is one thing you should noticed
Well the original does not work with PSA so I don’t think the clone will


I read today 1d69j adapter success


this is a clone by the look of things and from downloading their software they have immo software and NEC software but only a couple from the radio software.

Here is all the immo images from their software if anyone wants them;



TIP: Orange 5 Original vs Clone:

Do not get confused by Orange pricing. Orange charge separately for the device, the immo software, the airbag software and the radio software, plus a few specials.

All this comes with the clone.

To compare the two, you must add up all the costs from Orange. There is a very large saving if you buy the clone. But you cannot update it and you have no support from Scorpio. It will suit some people for sure. The adapters are poor quality, and for many the hardware does not work. No doubt as time goes by will will see huge threads about how to fix them. The company who makes it does not have a good reputation for quality or support.

I do not regret buying original Orange5 and Tango key programmer. But when I did there were no clones available as an alternative.

As for the Tango clone, it’s PCB and components are nothing like the original, and of a very poor quality. I have not seen inside an Orange5 clone yet.

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How to rework R270 Programmer PCB for Mercedes EZS

Hello, mates. I want to share with you my experience about R270 BDM Programmer, especially about how to rework R270 pcb.

I’ve buy one of this chinese clones and problems starts.

First of all – continuously erasing flash of Mercedes EZS’s.

Then – difficulties with erasing increasement registers of 35080, 35080v6 etc.

Then i found one working unit and open it to see differences.

In the pictures you can see my unit, which now is perfectly working.


I’ve replace R270 CAS programmer resistors:
R25 from 10kOhm to 1kOhm
R4 from empty place to 60 Ohm
R15 from 27 Ohm to 15 Ohm
and one resistor packet from 10kOhm to 4.7kOhm.

That’s all and work for me.

Already tested on w211, w209 and w164 EZS’s. Works perfectly

You can see my working board from pictures














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Premium Tech Tool vs Volvo Dev2tool vs Visfeed

What is Volvo Premium Tech Tool, Dev2tool, Visfeed and How to use them for Volvo/Mack/Renault/UD trucks diagnostics and programming.



Volvo PTT Premium tech tool: for diagnosis

dev2tool: for programming

Visfeed: for reprogramming



For details, here you go.


What is tech tool:


OEM Diagnostic Tool. Premium Tech Tool (Volvo PTT) is a Windows-based diagnostic application specially designed to test, calibrate and program engine parameters.


  • Read / Interpret Fault Data
  • Extensive Diagnostic Tools
  • Facilitates Update Process
  • Clear all diagnostic trouble codes including emissions related ReGen codes.
  • This software will communicate with trucks below, with the proper interface device like Volvo Vocom 88890300 or Volvo VCADS


Volvo Trucks (Older electrical system, Vehicle electronics ’98, VERSION2, VERSION3, VERSION4)

Volvo Trucks (VERSION4 – FH4/FM4);

Volvo Buses (Conventional, Multiplexed, Multiplexed version 2, Multiplexed version 3)

Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Penta (VERSION2, VERSION3)

Volvo OEM Component Customer (VERSION2, VERSION3);


Renault Trucks (VERSION2, VERSION3, VERSION4);



Note: the latest Volvo Tech Tool: version 2.5.86


What is dev2tool:


  • Special tool to access and program parameters at any level without restriction;
    • Used primarily for program: speed limit, change CHASSIS ID, immobilizer neutralization;
    • Change minimum / maximum values of parameters, for example: increase speed limit;



with dev2tool, you have access to all levels(specially level 2) parameters

Dev2tool will give you access to over 11000 parameters! This is correct!
The only problem is that you truck DOES NOT have 11000 parameters.
I got dev2tool and I’ve tried to disable the egr on a 16L volvo engine (volvo D16D US model).
As I said with dev2tool you will see for example a parameter called “EGR Axis” but the ECU on the truck DOES NOT have that parameter in any programming levels.
Pretty much is not possible to disable unless you will find somebody (tuning company) that can reprogram your whole dataset on the engine ECU.


Note: the explanation of the parameters for Volvo trucks


That parameter HJM (level 5) it is only into PTT database. The ECU on Volvo trucks (US Model) does NOT have that parameter.
Anyway even if exist is not possible to change it because it is level 5.
You can change the value of that parameter but when you turn on the engine it will get back to it’s original value.
Level 5 is only function test, freeze frame data ….
I’ve tried already some level 5 to reprogram but NOPE … not working.


Note: Dev2tool for Tech Tool for parameter programming on new trucks FM4/FH4

Some of option
• Chassis ID Change.
• Immobilizer ON/OFF.
• Injector programming.
• Speed Limit programming.

Devtool- trucks-FM4-FH4

What is Visfeed:


  • Small Database Flash files.

It works as a Special tool to encrypt/decrypt/edit intermediate storage files for ADVANCED Volvo Trucks Diag users.
With this tool you have this interesting options:
• AdBlue OFF.
• Convert EUR3 to EUR5.
• NOx Torque Reduction OFF.



The Tool is made to make all file rebuilding process as simple and easy as possible. It also allows to view ECU file and other information of part and sub part numbers, parameters, PID, PPID, SID, PSID, FMI. Checksum calculation possible of Intel HEX line and whole CSW file. For portability USB key included



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Volvo Tech Tool 2.5.86 Installation and Activation

This is a problem I’ve ever had with Volvo Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.5.87 developer and solutions i used.


The problem: installing the Tech Tool software 2.5.87…everything works ok. After a few days I can not connect with any car and can not pick the vehicle brand from the list nor the VIN number. And after a while everything goes back to normal. I upload an overview picture.


Here are all useful tips and solutions from folks. Hope it can help you out (Actually, i gave it up and got the crack with free activation service, with soooo relief.)



The latest version is Tech Tool and the latest have new update technology
and it’s because of bad activation. new 2.06 not could work with old activators.
Not that I condone people stealing other people’s KG or reselling but I will say this…

The reason: your KG doesn’t activate properly. Version 2.5.86 has RSS feeds that it calls to in order to initialize the application. If you’re not connected to the internet during this, it will fail and timeout causing that drop down to become blank, and also stopping use of PTT altogether. So this nonsense of not buying it from you doesn’t exactly apply because it wouldn’t work regardless.

How I fixed it: startup your own local web server (I used Fenix due to it being very small, and lightweight) and copy the RSS feeds to it, modify hosts file to point the normal external URL to And bam, no more problems with offline check-ins and background sync.


I want to add to this that simply modifying C:/ProgramData/Tech Tool/Waf/DevicesConfigInfo.xml

Changing the date and leaving checksum so it fails, will actually fix this problem as well, but it’s not recommended as a permanent fix.



Also, here is another solution i found for those who used KG improperly:

First, make sure to use a USERID that follows Volvo standard or you won’t be able to program parameters and will result in an error.
– you must use two alphanumeric characters followed by an even number of numbers. For example, AB1234.

Also, you must check the box “No central” if using the popular KG floating around or you will need to background sync. This is the reason your databases are coming up blank and I’m guessing it’s running slow when this occurs. The temp fix is to connect to the internet, then open Tech Tool. Problem solved for a week then it will occur again unless you re-run the KG, erase DB and re-activate using “No central store” checkbox and correct user ID fingerprint.



The last important for newbies: to buy Premium Tech Tool PTT 2.5.86 with FREE installation & activation service. Now, many Chinese vendors sell Premium Tech Tool crack and offer free service like this as far as i know. Obdii365.com is one of them. I am using PTT 2.5.86 from them now… includes 3 parts: tech tool(for diagnosis), dev2tool(for programming) and visfeed(for reprogramming).



Volvo Premium Tech Tool 2.5.86 software includes:


  1. Last official version Volvo TechTool 2.5.86 Development maximal authorized

* Full Techtool Activating (For all volvo brands !!!)

* Last ACPI+ update for standard and for development AND special DESIGNER user !!!

* You can Choose User ID like: A123456 or M555555 OR TECHTOL OR ANY OTHER..

*You can choose your logo or name to stay in techtool

*NOT DLL PATCHED registration. Real registration for Techtool


  1. Dev2tool (for programming parameters on older trucks)
  2. Developer tool Acpi+ Ultimate pro v3 (for programming parameters on newer trucks)

– Connection on real vehicle – NEW Verion

  1. IS editor Encriptor/ Decriptor
  2. Visfeed + Volvo xml editor + instriuction
  3. Parameter description for all version (2 3 and 3 version ) -New Version

7.Volvo/ IS File Encryptor/Decryptor

  1. Dtc error info – New Verison –
  2. TT old electrical system converter tool


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Torque Pro App tested OK Bluetooth Code Scanner Adapters

This is a list of adapters that Torque application has been tested with which work with OBD2 compliant vehicles:

(Note: All the adapters offer the same access to all the available OBD2 sensors in the vehicle. The adapters do not determine what sensors are or are not available, they are all the same in this respect)


Working Bluetooth Adapters

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments


Small unit Power, Host, Bluetooth and OBD status lights, High speed PID readingDevice Security $199.95 Flash upgradable firmware, Powersave/sleep function,Reports of good customer support. This is the best adapter if you want the fastest PID read speed. Read speeds can be as fast as 100PIDs/sec over Bluetooth (Tested on a Galaxy S4, CANBUS protocol) This device also offers security to prevent unauthorized use


Small unit Power, Host, Bluetooth and OBD status lights, High speed PID readingDevice Security $69.94 (special offer), $99.95 normally Flash upgradable firmware, Powersave/sleep function,Reports of good customer support. This is the best adapter if you want the fastest PID read speed. Read speeds can be as fast as 100PIDs/sec over Bluetooth (Tested on a Galaxy S4, CANBUS protocol) This device also offers security to prevent unauthorized use


Adapter and cable (adapter can be separated from cable) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $149.90(Special offer), $179.90 Normal Flash upgradable firmware, Powersave/sleep function,Reports of good customer support. Fast PID read speeds, in excess of 160PIDs/second using a Motorola Xoom and USB
ELM327 Adapter 


Moulded adapter (single unit) Power, OBD, and PC(Host) status lights $6.99 Fully checked and tested before dispatch – This is the official version of this adapter


Adapter and cable (adapter can be separated from cable) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $84.95 + BT option at $74.95 = $159.90 Upgradable firmware 
Diamex DX70 & DXM


Adapter in single unit RX/TX status light, Power Light 149EUR Not the fastest adapter, but good construction, reliable.
PLX Devices Kiwi Bluetooth


Adapter and cable (adapter cannot be separated from cable) On/off switch, link light $99.99 New versions of this adapter appear to require a manual ‘link’ button to be pressed to wake it up before Torque will be able to connect. If you use automatic logging you may wish to avoid this adapterThere have been user reports of some of these adapters being faulty like some of the clone adapters. If Torque reports there is an issue with the adapter, check with PLX devices support for more help or getting a replacement
ELM327 Bluetooth


Vgate Bluetooth

Single moulded unit (though there are several different coloured ‘stickers’ used) Rx/Tx Host<->ECU status lights $8.00 to $15.00 Some units seem to suffer poor build quality and reliability issues. Other units are perfectly fine. Make sure you purchase with a buyer who has a decent returns policy should the unit turn out to be defective. If you have connection issues, or displays randomly ‘pausing’ in the app then it is most likely an adapter issue.If you are using the USB version of this adapter then be aware that you will need to make sure the adapter uses an FTDI or Prolific usb to serial converter chip and have an android device running Android 3.1 or 4.0(or above) and supports USB host mode – you will also need the Pro version of Torque for USB support (though this will be ported to the lite app eventually)

If you are using adapters with a bluetooth MAC address of 11:22:33:DD:EE:FF then be aware that these adapters will not work with other adapters nearby with the same address (and should be avoided if you plan to use multiple adapters) Some of these units also appear to have pairing issues – some of the super mini adapters have this flaw

Working WiFi Adapters (non ad-hoc mode)

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments
Vgate WiFi 


Small moulded adapter WiFi connection using infrastructure mode, not ad-hoc About 34ukp (from ebay) Suitable for use with Blackberry Q10 & Z10 devices – adapter can get warm, but has an inbuilt powersaving mode

Working USB Adapters

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments
Scantool.net OBDLink


USB Adapter Activity/status light $49.95(Special offer), $74.95 Normal User upgradeable via free downloadsReports of good customer support. Fast PID read speeds, in excess of 165 PIDs/sec with USB to a Samsung Note 3

Supported Non-OBD2 adapters

Adapter Form factor Other features Cost(at time of writing) Comments
Track Electronics ConsultBT


Moulded plug Works with Nissan Consult systems (using special non-OBD2 socket, beta testing in Torque)


Moulded plug Works with WV/Seat/Audi using VW’s native protocols (beta testing in Torque)


Adapters that are not currently supported

Adapter Form factor Other features Comments
Garmin EcoRoute Moulded plug attached to cable, not detatchable Works with EcoRoute HD navigation, “offline” data storage Non ELM327 compatible. The protocol was discovered, however the adapter proved to be too slow to be of any use.
GoPoint BT1 Moulded plug Non ELM327 compatible. Uses their own closed protocol.

Actron U-Scan

Large moulded plug Not ELM327 compatible, uses their own closed protocol. Not interoperable with other industry standard ELM327 OBD software


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Free Download and Install E-Sys, Launcher and psdzdata on Win10

Here is the little tutorial on installing BMW ENET cable E-Sys, E-Sys Launcher and psdzdata F-series coding software.

The document was translated from Korean and modified by obdii365.com for educational purpose. Credit to Jihunx from South Korea. You are at your risk.


E-Sys 3.27.1

E-Sys Launcher Premium 2.6.0

psdzdata 3.59.5 lite version

Download all the necessary files here.

Operating system:

The installation environment is a computer with Windows 10 64-bit system (depending on the installation environment, Microsoft’s .NET Framework installation may be necessary when installing the coding program).

Installing E-Sys

First unzip E-Sys 3.27.1.rar.


Extract E-Sys_Setup-3.27.1_RC_b44813.exe will launch the files in the E-Sys Program folder .


Install E-sys setup wizard, press Next


Accept license agreement, press Next


Select the folder to install and click Next. I can install it in another location, but I will install it without changing it in the default installation folder for easy explanation later.


Select the folder where the data will be installed besides this program and press Next. Likewise, I will not change from the default folder.


Select the name of the folder you want to create in the Start menu and press Next.


Select whether to create a shortcut icon on the desktop, and then click Next. It will not run Esys anyway, but you will run the program with E-Sys Launcher, so uncheck Create desktop icon.


Click Install


Installation is complete. Press Finish.


Install E-Sys Launcher Premium

When installing E-Sys Launcher, if you see the following E-Sys Launcher Premium cannot be installed on systems with .NET Framework version lower than 4.5.2.error, .NET Framework it is not installed. In this case .NET Framework, you can install. Download it here


ESysLauncherPremiumSetup_2.6.0_Build_119.msi. Depending on the computer OS installed, the following screen may appear.



Press Next


Select the folder to install and click Next.


Click Install


Installation is complete. You do not need to read the readme file, uncheck it, and leave the check box to run the launcher checked Finish. Of course, it is ok to run E-Sys Launcher program separately after unchecking and exiting both.


Token generation

When you run E-Sys Launcher for the first time, a screen for entering Path and PIN is displayed as shown below. As I mentioned before, to run E-Sys requires a token, which is where to store it and how to set the token-generation password.

...Click the icon at the right end of the path to select the folder where Token will be installed. As a convenience, I chose the C: \ Data folder where E-Sys data was installed .

4~12 numbers or alphabetic characters Enter your PIN and Confirm . I just entered 123456.

When you are finished typing, press Generate Token.


You’ll see a message that the token was successfully generated.


Launcher execution screen. If you are here, all programs have been successfully installed.


Install psdzdata 3.59.5 lite version

Psdzdata_v3.59.5_lite.rar When unzipping, the Psdzdata following folders are located below the folder. Copy or cut all of these folders.


Paste psdzdata copied or cut folder into the folder under the folder where E-Sys data is installed .


You have now installed all the programs for F-series coding. Done!!!

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Lishi Auto Pick and Decoder List and Reviews

There are now 53 lishi auto pick and decoder 2in1:

1 ) HU66 single lifter VAG
2 ) HU66 twin lifter VAG ( 2011 on )
3 ) HU49 VAG
4 ) HU92 BMW 2 track
5 ) HU58 BMW 4 track
6 ) HU100R New BMW 2010 on
7 ) HU64 mercedes 2 track
8 ) HU101 ford
9 ) FO38 ford usa
10) HU100 opel
11) HU43 opel
12) HU46 opel
13) YM28 opel
14) GM37 gm usa 4 height
15) GM37 gm usa 5 height
16) HU83 peugeot/citreon also mini and rover 75
17) VA2T peugeot citreon
18) NE78 , peugeot 406
19) renault courtesy lock
20) renault laguna 3
21) NE72 renault , peugeot , opel vivaro nissan primstar
22) GT15 fiat
23) GT10 fiat
24) sip22 fiat
25) CH1 daewoo/checrolet
26) HU87 suzuki
27) CY24 chrysler
28) GM45 pontiac
29) NSN11 nissan
30) NSN14 missan
31) DAT17 suburu 4 track
32) HYN7R hyundai/kia
33) HY15 hyundai kia
34) HY16 hyundai kia
35) HYN11 hyundai kia
36) HY20 hyundai
37) HY22 hyundai kia
38) MIT11 mitsubishi
39) HON66 honda
40) TOY 2 tracker
41) TOY40 toyota lexus
42) TOY48 toyota lexus
43) TOY43AT toyota lexus
44) TOY43R toyota lexus
45) Proton
46) dedicated mini , mg and rover 75 tool
47) renault A
48) new strengthened and improved lishi premium tibbe
49 ) MAZ24 mazda
50 ) HU92 twin lifter
51 ) HU56 volvo
52 ) NE66 Volvo
53 ) YM30 saab



LISHI Auto Picks

Locks that show a preference to sequence picking

The Lishi picks and the new Lishi Pick and decoder tools will pick each lock that they are designed to open, in one locksmiths hands better than another , as one locksmith will have a heightened level of feel to another , However , it is possible to balance this out with some locks, as some locks prefer being picked in a set sequence.

Due to intolerances of manufacture , certain factors influence a lock to such a degree, that picking to set sequences can simplify and speed up the picking process.

Below list the locks to date that have Proven susceptible to set sequence picking , follow these sequences to both speed up picking and offer more success.

The Locks that have shown as preferring sequence picking are;

HU66 generation 1 VAG Group
HU66 generation 2 VAG Group
HU66 generation 3 VAG Group
HU92 BMW 2 Track
HU100 New Opel
HU101 Ford , New Volvo and New Range rover and Land rover.

We have listed each preferred sequence picking system for these below for you ;

The below picking tips are relevant to both the standard picks and the 2 in 1 pick decoders equally , unless stated Otherwise .

HU66 Generation 1 lock produced from 1997 to 2002 generally .

Far better results will be achieved if the following sequences to picking are followed , insert the tool ad apply tension to the lock via the tensioner and then , Pick positions 1,3,5, and 7 first until set ( all slapping ), then when set , pick positions 2,4,6 and 8 , until each position is slapping , if it doesn?t open then ease back tension slightly and repeat as a wafer will have been overlifted.

But remember , Generation 1 locks , pick and set positions 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 first , and then positions 2 , 4 , 6 and 8 !

HU66 Generation 2 & 3 : lock produced 2002 to 2006 is generation 2 , and the lock produced from 2006 is generation 3.

Pick 1 , 5 , 8 , 4 first then when all are set pick 3762 several times until open

The lock produced after 2002, the heads of the wafers 1,4,5 and 8 are wider, The heads of wafers 2,3,6, and 7 are smaller, so it is easier to pick positions 1,5,8, and 4 into the correct position determined by the slapping feel , once these are set increase tension slightly , and then pick positions 3,7,6, and 2 a few times each. If the lock doesn?t open, pick positions 1,5,8, and 4 again, pick every wafer until all are slapping in their open position and are set . If you have applied too much tension as a bit heavy handed, you need to ease back on the tension slightly, and listen to the sound when you ease off, for dropping wafers that were overlifted, then resume the picking process.

HU92 BMW 2 Track

The BMW HU92 Lock has a sequence it prefers , you need to apply moderate tension and pick positions 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 first , being sure to set each position, ensure each position is slapping.
Once positions 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 are set , you then need to pick positions 2 , 4 , 6 and 8 several times until open, if not opening relax tension a fraction and it will open.

HU100 New Opel sequence picking

The HU100 new opel lock prefers a sequence , you need to apply light tension and pick positions , 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 first until each is in its set position , slapping .
Once positions 1 , 3 , 5 and 7 are all set , you need to pick positions 2 , 4 , 6 and 8 several times until the lock opens.

HU101 Ford , New Volvo , Range Rover and Land Rover

The HU101 lock follows a simple pick sequence using a light to moderate tension , you need to pick the row of 4 wafers first , once set , slapping , you need to pick the row of 6 wafers and the lock should open.


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